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Access Control

Businesses that want to keep their building secure should seriously consider an access control system.

While small business with ten of fewer employees can get by with a traditional key and lock system, a larger organization may find an access control system extremely beneficial.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Simplify Employee Turnover:  the organization can easily remove access to one individual keycard or fob or replace a lost card without having to issue new keys to everyone
  • Multi-Shift Work Environments: If you have a lot of employees constantly coming and going, managers might not be able to recognize every employee. Access cards help identify impostors and allow authorized employees to come and go without hassle.
  • Restrict Specific Areas: In most businesses, employees aren’t given full reign of every closet, office, and floor. One group, like the HR Department, might have sensitive documents and information that shouldn’t be available to all employees. Access keycard can be set up to restrict exactly who can go where.
  • Protect Valuables: If your business has valuables, especially items with street value, access keycards can identify exactly who entered after hours. This could help to catch a culprit or potentially prevent items from going missing. With regular keys, there’s no way of telling which employee unlocked the door after hours.
  • Multi-Location Access: For businesses with several locations or a campus of buildings, access control can help ensure managers and workers can travel from building to building or location to location with ease.

Sometimes it’s necessary to restrict the public from entering a facility. And the ability to set up multiple levels of interior access can help an organization sort out who’s allowed to go where much easier than with traditional metal keys.

In today’s competitive world it is more important then ever to make sure your building is secure.  Your first line of security is a secure Access Control system.   Today’s technology makes it easier then ever to manage this important area.